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Message from Travel:  In the months ahead, we could have changes and you need to be prepared to be surprised.  Travel groups know because of COVID, lack of workers, state and local guidelines, etc., situations change.  Traveling, at least for now comes with plenty of unknowns.  By the time we visit a planned destination it could be closed.  Venues we thought would be closed could be be open.

In both advertisements and general communications transparency is the key.  Diane, our vendors and I want travelers to know the trip may not always go exactly as planned.  But what is always a definite is we will work to make sure even with unknowns, we are doing everything to make sure you all have the best trip possible regardless.  If substitutions ever have to be made--we thank you for your patience and understanding.  

Sara Wax, Travel Coordinator

                                                                        UPCOMING SINGLE DAY TRIPS                                                                            


Oct. 3, 2023        Tues.       Wellness Comfort Day

Oct. 6, 2023            Fri.            Fall Amish

Oct. 13, 2023      Fri.          Friday the 13th to Sandusky Co.

Oct. 18, 2023      Wed.      Fall Lunch Bunch

Nov. 2, 2023       Thurs.     Columbus Christmas Shopping

Nov. 17, 2023      Fri.          Christmas Connection at IX Center

Dec. 2, 2023           Sat.            Straight No Chase-Cleveland

Dec. 12, 2023        Tues.         Christmas Lunch Bunch

Jan.  10, 2024        Wed.        Mrs. Doubtfire

Feb. 1, 2024           Thurs.      Valentine Lunch Bunch

Feb.  20, 2024   Tues         Funny Girl




Wed., May 1, 2024 - Company

Sun., June 30, 2024 -  Back to the Future (Family Trip)

Thurs., Aug. 1, 2024 - M.J. the Michael Jackson Musical



                                                                           UPCOMING MULTI-DAY TRIPS                                                                                                                                                                                                          

 Dec. 4-7. 2023                                                                                             HOLIDAY SPECTACULAR 2023                                 


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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Depart @ 9:45AM

Return  @ 4:45PM

Cost is $58.00 due at signup meal extra


We are taking only one bus on this trip.


This experience will be on a rotating schedule between three Historic District businesses, so 3 groups of 8 people can walk the short distance between businesses to utilize:


1 1/4 Hour: Salt Cave of Perrysburg-experience a salt detox by relaxing your bare tootsies on a salt filled floor that resembles a high-grain beach (beach chairs included).  The salt cave is a quiet space  (no cell phones, hushed tones) intended to allow the visitor to peaceful, reflective time.  (A medical form will be given at registration day for you to complete.)

1 1/4 Hour:  Swig Restaurant-charcuterie & suds for the curious.  Home made from scratch specialty franks and sausages, chicken wings & chunks, burgers, Rueben's, and panino's.  I love this restaurant, perfect part of our day.  


  1 1/4 Hour:  Wellaroma - explore naturally-made products and teas to help live a better, healthier life - Angela makes all products in-house fresh daily.  Create your own flavor of tea, or raft your own salt scrub with essential oils and education on what's good and why-half hour, with a half hour of retail therapy throughout the store.

Come join us-pamper yourself, eat a tasty lunch and have a tea or salt scrub (purchased by AEC for your enjoyment) to bring home.  On this visit to Perrysburg, our friends Christine an Allison will also be on hand with other surprises.  

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