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Message from Travel:  In the months ahead, we could have changes and you need to be prepared to be surprised.  Travel groups know because of COVID, lack of workers, state and local guidelines, etc., situations change.  Traveling, at least for now comes with plenty of unknowns.  By the time we visit a planned destination it could be closed.  Venues we thought would be closed could be now be open.

In both advertisements and general communications transparency is the key.  Diane, our vendors and I want travelers to know the trip may not always go exactly as planned.  But what is always a definite is we will work to make sure even with unknowns, we are doing everything to make sure you all have the best trip possible regardless.  If substitutions ever have to be made--we thank you for your patience and understanding.  

Sara Wax, Travel Coordinator




Sept. 22, 2021  Wed.      Amish Trip-Ohio's Amish Country                                                  

Oct. 1, 2021          Fri.            Treasurers, Trees & Tea                                                                                      

Oct. 13, 2021    Wed.      Disney's The Lion King @ Cleveland Playhouse                      

Oct. 15, 2021       Fri.            Fall Lunch Bunch   

Nov. 4, 2021         Thurs.      Christmas Shopping Trip - Columbus   

Dec. 7, 2021         Tues.         Christmas Lunch Bunch                                                                              

Feb. 9, 2022       Wed.      "Jesus Christ Superstar" @ Cleveland Connor Palace           

Mar. 27, 2022    Sun.        "Pretty Woman"                                                                                  

May 5, 2022       Thurs.    "To Kill a Mocking Bird"                                                                  

June 7, 2022      Tues.      "My Fair Lady" @ Cleveland Playhouse                                      

July 28, 2022     Thurs.   "Ain't Too Proud"                                                                                

Aug. 14, 2022    Sun.        "Frozen"                                                                                                  





Oct. 5 - 7, 2021                                                                                            LANCASTER - "ESTER"

Nov. 29 - Dec., 2 , 2021                                                                            CHRISTMAS ON THE POTOMAC

March 15-24, 2022                                                                                   GULF SHORES/WINTER GET AWAY

May 9-12, 2022                                                                                           KENTUCKY'S BOURBON TRAIL

Aug. 4 - 7, 2022                                                                                           LUCY COMEDY FEST-JAMESTON, NY 

Sept. 3 -10, 2022                                                                                        VERMONT & NEW HAMPSHIRE

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DATE:  Fri., Oct. 15, 2021
DEPART:   10:45 AM
COST:  $9:00 meal extra
New trip registration:  Monday, Aug., 9, 2021 @ 8:30 AM


You will love our mystery location for lunch, due to a workforce shortage it is hard to get large groups into restaurants.  But we struck gold!  You will be very surprised at this restaurant--we promise you won't be disappointed.  We suggest that you sign up for this trip on Aug. 9th or soon after.

Note:  We will be leaving the Center at 10:45 AM

Cleveland Playhouse Square

WHEN:  Wed., Oct.  13, 2021
DEPART:  2:15 PM
RETURN:  after 7:30 PM show
COST:  $107.00 meal extra
New trip registration begins Mon., July 5 @ 8:30 AM

Broadway in Cleveland is BACK!  We have excellent Orchestra seating.  you may want to experience this show for the first time or a return trip.  Disney's pricing is a little higher than other shows but it will be well worth the expense.  We will eat before the show.

FAMILY TRIP:  When a member signs family members to travel on a "family trip"  there is no additional fee.  Those guest will pay the member rate no surcharge added.

This is Disney's THE LION KING, making its triumphant return to Playhouse Square!  More than 90 million people around  the world have experienced the awe-inspiring visual artistry, the unforgettable music, and the uniquely theatrical storytelling of this Broadway spectacular--one of the most breathtaking and beloved productions ever to grace the stage.  



WHEN:   Fri., Oct. 1, 2021
DEPART:   8:45 AM
RETURN:   3:30 PM
COST:   $59  meal included
New trip registration:  Mon., Aug, 9, 2021 @ 8:30 AM


Our first stop will be Gillmor Ordnance, Ltd. in Old Fort.  Bob Gillmor bought a foundry and has since been fulfilling cannon orders for customers and producers of motion pictures such as master and Commander, The Last Samurai and Gods and Generals.  His career started early in his life, when as a kid, Bob just liked to "blow stuff up".  now he has made this a life long hobby and career.  he will walk you through his warehouse and tell all about his love of making cannons and his passion of working for Tom Hanks and other Movie  Promoters.

Our second stop will be lunch at Chateau Tebeau Winery.  We will enjoy a homemade Chicken BBQ Lunch, made by winemaker, Bob Tebeau.  Your lunch will include the BBQ chicken, baked potato, an ear of sweet corn, dinner roll, water or coffee to drink.  Wine can be purchased by guests  at the winery.  

Our third stop will be the Rutherford B.  Hayes "Trees & Tea" tour of the grounds of Spiegel Grove.  Take in the tranquility of Spiegel Grove, the 25-acres wooded estate of our 19th President Hayes, with a guided tour of the grounds.  Your tour will include stories from the Native Americans who settled on the estate to soldiers and dignitaries who have visited the grounds.  You can then relax in the shady spot and enjoy a refreshing glass of iced tea.