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Membership Benefits

Senior centers offer a vibrant social life. As we grow older and circumstances change in our lives, like the passing of a spouse, less frequent visits from family, or certain physical limitations, senior centers provide an atmosphere where adults can come together to fulfill many of their social, physical, emotional, and intellectual needs.

Entertaining Activities

Senior centers regularly schedule activities specifically geared toward their clientele. From bingo to potluck dinners to live music, the Allen Eiry Center is a hub for a wide range of entertaining, educational, recreational and social programs. By staying active and participating in events, older adults can excel in their physical and emotional happiness.

Health Screenings & Aging Well

The Allen Eiry Center regularly provides health screenings and flu shots and other treatments are available all in one convenient location. This allows seniors to monitor their overall health.


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Promotes Independence

The Allen Eiry Center offers its members a renewed sense of independence. Members can choose from a full schedule of social and personal activities or simply meet friends and enjoy a day of relaxation and comfort surrounded by your favorite people.

Member Dues

Dues are $35 per person, charging annually from January through December.

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